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18-101St Street, Troy, NY 12180





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Household Income

Local: $65,001
New York: $82,824
USA: $80,873

Net Worth

Local: $93,247
New York: $74,358
USA: $93,013


Number of Children

Home Owner

Length of Residence (Years)

Local: 14
New York: 14
USA: 14

Dwelling Type

Year Property Built

Local: 1943
New York: 1955
USA: 1972

Household Marital Status

Number of Adults in House

Household Size

Home Market Value

Local: $164,517
New York: $327,891
USA: $218,300

Political Donor

Staci Dongelewic Political Donor:  No

Charity Donor

Staci Dongelewic Charity Donor:  No

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18-101St Street, Troy, NY 12180, 518-221-9119

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